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domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

New technology in cameras

United States is preparing a new technology for imaging in Giga and tera-pixel resolution. Behind this project is David Brady collaborating with the Department of Defense of the United States. For a high image quality as you try to modify the making aspherical lens with thousands of micro cameras. With this type of lens enables you to reduce the aberrations that can result in the shot.

Today the struggle for marketing cameras with more megapixels seems to be on the agenda. Compared with this new target seems to speak of 20 mega pixels and very short stays.

Sony and the company is developing a 1 Giga-pixel camera which is used for satellite photos. This camera will have an operation based on a huge array of optical sensors.

Sony was a pioneer in introducing digital photography since the mid 90's with the camera "Mavica. It seems that technology, once again, moving to giant steps.

More Info:
-Wikipedia (spanish)


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