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viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

The route for the Arctic

A Western shipping company changed the route of the Indian Ocean by the Arctic route. This is a new route between Asia and Europe which is little traveled by frost, and this new route involves a difference of more than 5000 kilometers to the traditional route.

The traditional route of merchants to pass the Pacific to the Atlantic has a distance of nearly 20,500 kilometers approximately. This road passes through the surrounding Indian Ocean, reaching the Suez Canal and then to the Mediterranean to the Pacific.

Normally, the northern route is a step that is used in unique moments of the year in late August when more melting. To pass the aid of ice is required and necessary. But because of the decline of Arctic sea ice has not needed help of icebreakers. Therefore it is the first time that an event like this happens.

The route through the Arctic was present in many sailors but it was difficult to move around because of the presence of giant icebergs.

One thing is clear: there is less ice than in previous decades. Much less. High temperatures favor in recent years that these sea routes exist and can be carried out without the help of the famous icebreaker.

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